dooring jokes... dooring jokes are classic, so are lynching and Holcaust jokes...

when I was a kid there was a classic joke...
since I do not entirely recall it
I will make a spin on it as I do with most jokes
I will tell it straight... as if it is a true story...

when I was a kid in about third grade I remember going grocery shopping with my mom
we drove around the corner to the local A&P... not sure then and not sure now what A&P stands for

we did our shopping and when we left out we saw that it was raining
mom went to get the car while I stayed with the cart
while loading the car my mom noticed a priest from our parish standing their with his arms loaded down with groceries
he was trying to hail a cab... in this rain at this location it looked unlikely that he would get his cab
so... my mom offered him a ride back to the rectory

on the short drive from the grocery store to the church there was an incident where my mom had a near miss with a cyclist who was riding in the rain
as my mom passed the cyclist she exclaimed, "oh my goodness... I just missed that cyclist"
to which the priest replied, "don't worry.... I got him with the door!"

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