Double Parking... and its ripple effect

Double Parking...
what does double parking do to traffic?
well... double parking causes traffic
double parking causes congestion
there is the need for cars to merge when they should flow forward just to go around the double parked vehicles

there is a reason why Double Parking is illegal
there is a reason why there is NO PARKING/NO STANDING in certain spots during rush hour
how is it that the people who are frustrated by traffic do not understand their contribution to traffic?

Double Parking irks me...
double parking and parking in the RUSH HOUR No Parking\No Standing irks me
simply because it is an unnecessary evil
because these are the things that cause RUSH HOUR traffic... Double Parking and Parking in the NO PARKING ZONES cause traffic
it is the same people every day... penalize these people

what irks me beyond the double parking... is the double parking that occurs when there is a legal space within view
yet the driver opts to double park rather than driving to the legal space then walking the extra couple of feet

my thought...
DC Metro Buses... Taxi Cabs... and US Postal Workers and UPS Drivers need to park legally so that traffic can flow

issue a ticket with a small fine
but... if a person gets a 3 or maybe 5 of these tickets
well... that person loses there privilege to drive
that easy

as far as UPS goes...
well... they need to have a company wide discussion about their DOUBLE PARKING POLICY
personally... I could do to get my package one day later if the UPS Trucks had to park legally
sure they would be forced to make fewer deliveries each day
but... that is how they are supposed to behave
then that is what they have to deal with

this is UPS... someone's shoes from ZAPPOS! 
not an Ambulance trying to save someone's life

as tor this UPS Delivery person... SHE IS RIGHT ON TIME!

and another woman in the new UPS uniform
I am just glad that the man that delivers for UPS on our block wears the old uniform

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