FREE LIGHTS! WABA and Bike Arlington have great FREE LIGHTS!

I love the Knog product
I love the Knog advertising campaigns


some people are a tad put off by the Knog advertising campaigns
me... I am amused
really... their use of sex or sexuality in advertising is no more offensive than the use of hot talking heads on Fox News
only difference
I love the Knog product and I hate Fox News and its Republican PR campaign 

in the DC area we have various bicycle advocacy groups helping cyclists to be more safe on the streets
in addition to advocating for cyclist's rights... working to get more bike paths and bike lanes... these groups are also handing out lights... 

WABA and Bike Arlington have these great Knog-esque bicycle lights
the lights are free... but the replacement batteries will cost ya!

replacing the batteries on a few of my blinky lights
so I can be seen riding my bike home in the rain that is the outer ring of Hurricane Sandy 
yes... I bought batteries
AAA for the Petzel style headlamps

CR 2032 for the Knog style blinky lights

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