Generation X... when I saw Billy Idol I thought I had missed the show I wanted to see

in high school in the early '80s I went to see Billy Idol
a quick search has Rebel Yell as a 1983 release

drove with Stewart Grace in his MG convertible to the University of Maryland campus and we went to general admission show at Richie Colosseum

I can not recall the opening act

but Billy Idol is a performer and he put on a great show

site and sound
but me... sadly for some reason I did not want a ticket to see Billy Idol on the Rebel Yell tour

in a totally unrealistic way I wanted to see the 1977 Billy Idol in Generation X

I would not need a ticket for that
but a time machine

Generation X


I seem to remember a blurred detail of Joelle Bishop (a woman named Joel) having some non-verbal communication with Billy Idol as he left the stage
I think she may have ended up flipping him off
then I think he spit on her
to which... Joelle capitalized on it and immediately sold her thrift store bought over coat to a person who was in awe of that near contact

Rest In Peace Joelle Bishop

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