Georgetown... did you ever skate the quarter pipes at the canal in Georgetown?

in high school going to Georgetown was what people did
the bars were packed and so were the sidewalks
it was this weird masssive cattle call of people watching
not sure what we were looking for
but we kept going and kept looking

we also brought our skateboards and hung out down by the C&O Canal
down by the brick transitions
perfect transition quarter pipes
there may be a photo of me skating these by Les Morganstein
but unlikely he has time to dig through his negatives
last I heard he produced "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"

that said... the photos were of little or nothing
as I was not much of a skater
but... I was on a skateboard
and well... I was more young and more handsome than I am now
which would make the images interesting to me... at least

that said... 

lots of memories in this city
old memories and new

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