Girls on the Run...

it is curious to me...
there is a cross country program at the elementary school level
yet my younger son's elementary school does not have a cross country team
but... but they have this Girl's on the Run program
what is Girls on the Run?

Girls on the Run

then in middle school my older son is running cross country
I saw... not only is there cross country... but there is also Girls on the Run
well... I guess having both is better than just having one
but really... with cross country... do we need Girls on the Run?

what about the boys?
my younger son could use an activity like this...
my older son would have like to have been involved in cross country or a running program when he was in elementary school 

if there were to be only one running program in school
I would think that the cross country program would make the most sense
a program for boys and girls
a program that fosters the same ideals 

couldn't the cross country staff be briefed and educated in coaching practices that would foster the things that Girls on the Run is seeking?

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