it is a tad ironic... but really
if this is as bad as bad could be
things would be pretty okay

as I was clearing a section of trail of some large fallen limbs that has been blocked since el derecho I let the dog roam around me off leash
he migrated from chewing a stick to a lazy walk around following his nose
my focus was on clearing the trails
I was breaking a pretty good sweat

I had walked the dog for over 30 minutes
then took my focus to clearing this section of trails

then it happened
a runner came down the trail and young Didg ran up to him and nipped the back of his shirt
he was angry
he was intense
but I think this guy is usually angry and intense

in an effort to resolve this as a good member of the community I tried giving him my most sincere apology
but before I could get my hand on the excited sub one year old puppy he jumped up again
never making any contact with any more than his paws
but I was in the wrong

it was wrong... I was wrong... I tried to control my dog... I am trying to control my dog...

I need to keep my dog in control
he is a puppy and I am training him
I am aware that Didg can get excited around runners
usually I alert to the approaching runner
in fact I saw this same guy an bit early
which has me impressed by his urban run that mixes sidewalks and the woods
when I saw him earlier I had Didg sitting and staying at my side as he ran past
still off leash... obeying my voice commands and staying at my side

apparently Didg has jumped on this guy before
he was confident of that
he was intent on that being fact
the funny part... I see this guy everyday
we have had these two negative encounters and that is the basis of our relationship

no wave... no glance... no grunt hello on all of our other meetings
in fact... he did not even realize that he had already passed me

we are neighbors in Washington DC... in our small 100 year old neighborhood
we are both people who love to take advantage of the natural resource that is Rock Creek Park
he does not see it like this... it is that I am "that guy.... you again"
the guy with the 9 month old dog that got excited and jumped up on him

nice pace
looks like you are running for a serious duration
sorry about my dog
I will keep him in control
I will do my best to prevent this from happening ever again

accept my apology
lets get on with our day
we live in the city... people will bump into each other
we may brush each other the wrong way

that said...
the time with the dog in the woods often includes off leash time
the activity is monitored... usually monitored
and usually in control...

walking the dog off leash is sort of like going 35 in a 25 Zone... not 40... not 45
just a little over the limit
just bending the rule a little bit
and this... this is a fender bender
maybe even not that

I am sorry
can you cut me and my puppy some slack?

no blood... no foul?

it was not an "attack"
yes... it was wrong... entirely wrong...
but... I am not sure if it is the incident that merits such conflict
I have had far worse done to me by many and controlled my volume
and we know that I have problems controlling my volume

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