it is true... sometimes I am less than diplomatic... but telling me you would shoot me... shoot my wife... shoot my kids... shoot my friends... if you just had a gun

it does not always go as it should
I think I need Cesar Milan to train me
I may have aggression issues
while I would prefer to be calm and assertive

but really...
if people would listen to what they are saying
then they would see that my attacks are actually in defense
it is like when I am on the bike... my over reaction is a reaction
do not start with your inappropriate behavior and I will not have my seemingly inappropriate response

yes... I may have stepped out of line
but really
you crossed the line 
had you not crossed the line...

I just tried to email my neighbor
not finding her contact information
not getting anything with the auto complete
yet I am confident we have had some email correspondence in the past

so... I just had a little conflict with a neighbor
wanted to try and resolve the conflict with that said neighbor
I do not like conflict... especially with friends and neighbors
but... I also do not like to take things lying down

I stepped out to take the dog down the block so that Didg the dog could go to the bathroom one last time before I start pointing for bed
not going to bed now... just starting the momentum
another beer or two... some screen time... then bed
but.. it is roughly the same time each night

same time... same routine
not just for me
but for many

at the same time each night a number of people walk their dog
it is like clock work
which is not so odd
as we tend to wake and sleep with the structure of the clock

this neighbor had her dog and I had my dog and we had some dog conversation
our conversation went from dogs to bikes
it was sort of odd
she transitioned the topic instead of me

I guess she was transitioning from pet peeve to pet peeve
her pet peeve being bikes
so I asked her, "what is your problem with bikes?"
"they break the law!" she tells me
"do you drive? do you drive a car? then you modify the law to suit your needs just as the cyclist modifies the law to suit theirs" was my quick response
she disagreed... telling me that she did not break the law... 

our conversation was not going well
she was already halfway to the door
her walk was over... she was headed into the house to end her day
but... the conversation was not over
as she walked away she said something to the effect... "cyclists are lucky I do not have a gun"
of course I know she is being dramatic, but I asked her what she would do
and of course... she said, "I would shoot them"
to which I turned it back at her

"you have a car? you drive... right.? do you go the speed limit I asked?"
self righteously she told me she did not speed
"well the speed limit on this road is 25 MPH, tomorrow when you look at the speedometer and see yourself exceed 25 miles per hour... go straight to the gun store and shoot yourself"

well... that is no way to keep peace with the different tribes
but really... it was a short conversation and I was thinking a few moves ahead
and well... sometimes I go straight for the kill
I have these arguments all the time

I think it is unfair how people cry out for people to follow the letter of the law... everyone but themselves

everyone has the rules that they demand that others follow
everyone also has the rules that they break

if you drive... well... you need to get off your soap box
because driving is about breaking the law
bending the rules to suit your needs
so... when you tell me that you are going to kill cyclists because they break the law
well.. I think it only fair that you hold yourself to the same accountability

you get to be your own judge jury and executioner

of course... this neighbor who I consider a friend was already headed in her house before I finished my "go straight to the gun store and go shoot yourself" statement

but before the door slammed she said


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