Nice Comb Over.

this issue... this issue alone should sway the election

conservatives and abortion
then their misconceptions on conception
it is a shame that these people would try to create another long list of myths
myths are part of the teen pregnancy issue
high heels as birth control...
car back seat contortion-ism as birth control...
so this guy is saying if you have the SAT's the next day... go for it... don't bother with the condom... who needs the pill... and don't worry about what will happen in 8.5 months
with the stress you are feeling from the test the next day
that is all you need to keep from getting pregnant

Republican Asshole just sounds like I am stuttering
Asshole Asshole
Republican Republican
Republican Asshole

this is the modern world
we use science and technology to understand the world 
we use science and technology to aid people in living more healthy more prosperous lives
why do we let these people get their information out from under a rock?

Tina Fey Blasts Politicians Over Rape Controversy

I enjoyed the woman's close in this response

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