only a handful of photos from the MoCo Epic

yesterday I rode the 100K (aka 65 miler) at the MoCo Epic
was stoked to tag along with some friends from DCMTB and The Family Bike Shop
lots of fast wheels to chase in this group
superior riders with better handling than myself
even though it is just a "ride" 
there is still the need to bring your best

that is Jonathan from The Family Bike Shop
The Family Bike Shop is one of the key sponsors of DCMTB
always smiling on the bike... always killing it on the bike
it is always a pleasure to hang with Jonathan

it is true... I only snapped a few photos from the start
had the camera... but did not feel like playing camera man
sometimes it is better to walk and talk
well... actually it is best if I keep my mouth shut
but some times I prefer to walk and talk than hide behind the camera

Photos from the MoCo Epic on the Gwadzilla FACEBOOK page

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