over the shoulder... behind the back... at night... no flash

the other night I attended the DC Bike Party...

and of course...
I brought my camera

shooting shots at night without the flash can be a bit of a gamble
a roll of the electronic dice
add in shooting moving targets
well.... moving targets with low light?
another variable to add to the complexity of the situation
then finally...

shoot night shots of moving targets without a flash while on the move
this has made for a low percentage of "good shots"
I anticipated "the blug"
I accept and embrace "the blur"
too much blur is bad
a little blur captures the action

played the odds...
usually trying to shoot two shots on each effort

I think I got some decent shots

that said...
I expected some of the shots to be crisp that turned out to be blurry

yes... I have a Buffalo Nickel tattoo

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