Recycle That Bicycle

Recycle that Bicycle...

Bikes For the World asks that you donate time, donate money, or donate bikes
this is a great organization
help if you can!

but... there is also the notion of "think globally and act locally"
there are people locally that could use your old bike

in the DC area there are a number of bicycle coops that could use your bike
but really... you may not need to go that far
selling your bicycle for a low price on Craig's List may get that bike into the right hands
asking around... offering it up
a FREE bicycle could change someone's life!

then maybe you could do more...
how about hosting a BIKE SWAP

I have hosted several BIKE SWAPS
the "bike swap" was an event where I tried to give families an opportunity to trade in the smaller child's bike for the next step up 
(for example... a child outgrows the 12 inch wheel bike... then they need a 20 inch wheel bike... and so on.. and so on...)
I had a number of kid's bikes in various sizes
people came with their children and a small bike
they got credit towards a bicycle purchase by bringing in their old bike
then got to leave with the right size bike for their children

there were also an assortment of low priced adult bikes for sale
the event also had a Kid's Bicycle Safety Rodeo


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