TInker sent Lance a message on FACEBOOK

Hi Lance,
First of all, I want you to know I love you. You are my favorite cyclist of all time. I say this because you have been an American hero not just for all the American cyclists, but for me. I know you have to be struggling through the obsession of the media right now - in this case, like attracts like. They are feeding on it. What I see is that you have touched everyone and in a good way. I am sorry for what has happened the way it has happened. It is what it is and no matter how angry folks are right now, they all need to see you rise above this, which you can do. My hope is that you will help repair. I just want you to know in my heart I appreciate what you have done for cycling and for every single person affected by cancer. Thank you Lance. And may peace be in your heart.

I love tinker... even if he would not eat a piece of fried chicken if you held a gun and a bottle of Frank's hot sauce to his head!

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