somewhere towards the top of the tree is my 8 year old son...
use the door on that house to try to get a measure of the size of this tree

there are risks to climbing a tree
do the risks outweigh the gains?
do we back down because of the list of "what ifs?"
one of the risks of not climbing a tree is the obesity epidemic
and the fact that the person who never climbed a tree may never grow up to do a pull up
the big issue of avoiding things because of the great list of "what ifs"
we have seen the rise in childhood obesity 

the parenting of our modern era is having its negative side effects
obesity just being one of those side effects

Grant running past a random dog
not our dog... just another dog in the park

brought Grant and two of his friends from school to the park while I walked the dog
they had a magical good time
they played as children should play
there was tree climbing and classic kid army games

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