BWI and DWI are not the same thing...

in Denver there is talk about targeting DRUNK BIKING

I have heard of this sort of thing over the years
down at the beach they often issue tickets for "drunk biking"
but really
we need to think about this

it is so obvious... I have a hard time addressing this

but it all comes down to the simple idea that the bike is not a car
rules for cars should not be the same as rules for the bike
as the consequences for the actions of a car driver are different than of a person riding a bicycle
the "worst case scenario" of drunk biking versus drunk driving
well... give it a moment's thought
and then answer the question
"is drunk biking such an issue that it should be targeted?"

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Keith Moore said...

FWIW, Washington State law has specific allowances for drunk cyclists. It's codified in RCW ("Revised Code of Washington") 46.61.790. It basically says a police officer may *offer* to transport an intoxicated cyclists, but the cyclist can legally refuse, unless the cyclist is really hammered, in which case the bike is impounded but must be later returned to its owner without charging a fee.

The actual legalese is here: