cutting through the gas station...

there is a commuter route where pedestrians walk from their DC apartments to the DC subway... aka the metro
well... they take the most direct route
rather than stay to the sidewalk
they cut through the gas station

honestly... it irks me
well.... only when I am trying to get gas

so... I weave through the cluster of pedestrians taking their shortcut through the High Test section of the Exxon
the take my place by the pump
as I turn my key and move to take off my seat belt I hear the tap of a horn
a car is trying to come through

I guessed that they wanted the pump that I am at and want me to move back to the other pump
but... it makes sense to me for them to just go to one of the other vacant two pumps
so... I continue along my way
feeling a little bad
wondering if we tied for this space and I should have moved

then it happens
this woman is able to squeeze between my car and the car adjacent to mine
then heads on through
they were just passing through

they were trying to cut of the corner by going through the gas station
go figure

I have no more to say on this

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