DC Messenger with the GPO in the background...

I exchanged hellos and snapped a few shots of Kevin, a DC Bicycle Messenger, with the Governmental Printing Office in the background

the GPO
that may well be a good example of how things have changed
paper documents are not as vital as they once were
with PDFs and other forms of electronic communication the paper document is on the verge of becoming obsolete 


there was a time when there were press releases or the law reforms from congress
messengers needed to pick up these releases and rush them to law offices for review
it was crazy
there was a "one per customer" limit to each press release
when it was clear that the messenger was not in fact "the customer"

yet the various employees in the various document rooms would adhere strickly to this rule
which was a total bummer to the messenger trying to multi-task and make a buck

a shrewd messenger would work tricks around this
grabbing a tourist or two to go in and request an extra copy
thus having the recent release in the bag without having to log the miles to pick it up when the call came in later that day

odd... and hard to verify
when the Kenneth Starr Report was released
or maybe when it was issued and given to Congress 
not sure... it is hard to recall
but in short... they needed to hand off this document to a civilian
and well... I was first in line
they handed that document to me and I walked it within a brown envelop and handed it off to Congress
or something to that effect

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