Dirt Rag Article

Dirt Rag article...
"New School Trail Design... have we gone too far?"
about to read this

tried finding an online version to share
appears only to be in print

Dirt Rag

MTBR Forum discussion on the topic

IMBA information about NPS and Mountain biking

nice article Frank!

man made vs. machine built

I love them both...
but yes... we most definitely do not want every trail system to be the same

trails should and do have different personalities
even machine built trail systems have personalities

this weekend past I took my two boys to Fountainhead regional park
had it been Fountainhead as it were a few years ago? there would have been a whole lot more walking and a whole lot more complaining
and maybe even some more crashing... if not by my boys, by the friend of my older son's that we brought along

so... allow the trails to have a personality
mix machine built and man made trails when possible
sustainability is key!
but we want to keep mountain bike trails as mountain bike trails
and avoid creating sidewalk trails

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