Ghost Bike on the Montour Trail in PA

Ghost Bike with Sage Advice

Ghost Bike on the Montour Trail in Pennsylvania 
Montour Trail 

Gwadzilla mention of Ghost Bike

this weekend past was Thanksgiving
as part of my Thanksgiving Tradition I visit my in-laws just outside of Pittsburgh
over the past many years I have made riding my bike part of my Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Tradition
during this time I have gone from bringing a mountain bike and struggling to find decent off road trails and slugging it out in the mud
to bringing a skinny tire bike and hammering out miles on roads and the multi-use Montour Trail
this year I was excited to discover that there had been the addition of some bridges to allow for me to ride further in one direction before heading for home

on Thanksgiving Day proper I pedaled a decent pace about an hour twenty from the in-laws
then turned it around and made a less aggressive return with the camera dangling from my neck
although I did not stop and take a photo of everything interesting I saw on the trail
I did feel the need to stop and take a few shots of the Tandem Ghost Bike on the Montour Trail

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