the post gives an update as to how the local elections in DC played out

I was most excited to see David Grosso win his bid for a DC Council seat

I met David Grosso at jury duty a year or two back...
we just happened to sit next to each other and eventually strike up conversation
I liked his thinking
then later in the conversation we discovered that I know his wife from high school... go figure!

David Grosso is an exciting person to have on our DC Council
a fresh perspective to help DC get back on track and get some momentum forward

as far as Michael Brown goes...
I did not follow his career closely
but his driving record alone should be reason to forgo consideration of him
then his refusal to pay tickets? WTF?
on top of that? never mind

enough on Michael Brown...
good job David Grosso... congratulations on your successful campaign
I am excited to see you become a part of the DC politics

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