Human Rights PSA Series

well scripted... well produced
I watched all 30 short films

Youth for Human Rights International

these videos are for everyone
I recommend you carve out a half hour and watch them
if you have children.... it is imperative that you watch these films with them
I can think of a handful of children who would do well to watch these videos

some kids in the park are living large "old school" style
older kids bullying younger kids
it sickens me 
it saddens me
I feel it is unacceptable... but... what can I do
I can only raise my kids and hope that they are not exposed to these kids and their misbehavior

yes... boys will be boys
but old boys pushing around younger boys
that is straight up bully behavior
it is the inverse of cool
these kids think they are cool
well... they are mistaken
these kids are tragically uncool

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