last Sunday

I just registered for SNOTCYCLE
as of yet... I have never ridden SNOTCYCLE
this time around... I plan on racing SNOTCYCLE
not sure what to expect

I just registered for the Single Speed category

I think last year it was 2 feet of fresh POW POW!
cross country skis would have made more sense than a cross country bike
but no...
it was a bike race
that said...
I guess if your bike was on your back and you opted to have snow shoes or XC skis
well... more power to ya


although I have never ridden SNOTCYCLE
I am familiar with the terrain... taking advantage of pre-ride opportunities and racing the Baker's Dozen a few years back
Go Time Racing on FACEBOOK

DCMTB rider and sponsor Joe Foley did a photo project at SNOTCYCLE

last Sunday the folks at Plumgrove Cyclery/Go Time Racing hosted an event at the location of the Baker's Dozen Course...
Hurricane Sandy Relief Ride @ Rockland Farms

I linked up with Dave Vannier and his boys for an afternoon of mountain biking

it was a fantastic opportunity...
wins all around!
donations were accepted in a wide variety of ways
some people donated cash while others donated goods
I brought a couple of dog crates to help house displaced animals along with a few other random things that I thought could be used
Dave and his boys made a cash donation

after we signed some waivers we were on the bikes
Dave took off with his younger son Emmet on my younger son Grant's old 24 inch wheel GT mountain bike
while I lead Dean and Dave's older son Rowan

it bummed me out to be riding without my younger son
but... he had other plans
my younger son attended a birthday party at The Adventure Park in Sandy Spring

it would be hard to ask for a nicer day
calm and cool
not quite brisk
but a little crisp
all in all a great day to be in the woods on the bike

 Dean and Rowan were strong on the bike
the flat twisting trails of Rockland Farms are a fantastic place for riders of all ages
faster fitter riders can hammer out things at top speed
while the less experienced riders can take things at their own rate

our pack of three was hammering pretty good

the boys were doing well on all the technical obstacles
in fact...
Dean was far more comfortable on the bike than I was
second weekend in a row where I have been schooled by my son
looks like the old man needs to get back on the bike

on the more demanding technical obstacles we backed things up and rolled each section within our limits

Hurricane Relief Ride @ Rockland Farms

sorry... the text and the images are dancing together so poorly that I do not have the focus to finish this thought

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