leaving the house makes the world smaller

funny thing...
if you leave the house... the world gets smaller

DC is a small town
anyone who says any different needs to leave the house
the more I leave the house
the smaller this town gets

the other day I attended a DC BIKE PARTY
this "bike party" was Halloween themed
it was a great gathering with an assortment of people
a variety of people on a variety of bikes

yes... I brought my camera to the DC Bike Party
and yes... I took photos
these photos are on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page
more specifically...
Halloween Themed DC Bike Party Images

LIKE AND SHARE while you are there...
then return to check it out again later
I left the house on Saturday night for the DC BIKE PARTY
then after the storm... I left the house again
again with the camera 
only this time I left out alone

I left out alone with no real agenda
just needed to get out of the house
just needed to get out on the bike
so... I left out with the camera to see if there was anything to see

as it turned out Hurricane Sandy did not have that dramatic of an effect on the Washington DC area
there was some wind
there was some rain
there was minimal damage from this wind and rain
nothing too dramatic... seriously tame compared to what happened on the coast and up in the northeast

saw some high water
saw some downed trees
there was minimal damage
but nothing compared to the devastation elsewhere

ran into a teammate from DCMTB and did a soft pedal in Rock Creek Park with him
snapped some shots of Ron by the monuments
those shots are on the page
a scan for DCMTB and Ron did not bring up the shots from the day
but interesting just the same

RON on the Gwadzilla Page
mention of DCMTB on the Gwadzilla Page

so I ran into these guys at the DC Bike Party
then I ran into them again in Georgetown the day after the storm
I anticipate running into them again

like their bikes... but I think they should swap wheels
then swap tires back
just my fashion tip...

I am struggling to find some more words to accompany the images
not finding them
yet I type just the same
if you know me... I do this with talking as well

OH! I got it
will wind it up with this

DC Bike Party aka DCBP
DC Bike Party has its next ride scheduled
November DC Bike Party ride set for November 14th
more information on FACEBOOK
DC Bike Party November Ride

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AngelaLynn23 said...

HI its Angela and Eric! I am waiting for Eric to swap our tires as it is a great idea! Thanks for posting and we will for sure see you again if not at the DCBP!