The Grey

The Grey
The Grey Trailer

The Grey entertained me well enough
the trailer is like so many trailers... it may show too much
personally, I like to avoid the trailers if I know that I am going to want to see the film
if I know I am going to see a film I do not want to spoil it for myself by getting too much of the plot
or worse yet... I get too much understanding of different moments in the film

my younger son Grant is totally into wolves...
he has a stuffed animal wolf that is larger than our dog that he sleeps with and travels with when we go out of town
at school he is the leader of a secret society, THE WOLFIES... he is the leader of the "wolf pack"
and no... he has not see The Hangover

after watching this film I felt compelled to talk to young Grant about wolves
he was clear in his understanding that just because he loves wolves... it does not mean that wolves would love him back
he was clear in stating that the wolves would more than likely eat him

glad he was clear on that

decent film
seeing it or not seeing it will not change your life
but... if you are looking to kick back and be entertained
give it a glance

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