TSV... Who remembers Team Snow Valley?

Team Snow Valley?
Is there still a Team Snow Valley?

does Snow Valley have a web presence?
does Snow Valley still sponsor a cycling team?

there was a time when Team Snow Valley was a presence on the local race scene
a few weeks back at the DC Bike Party I ran into a guy that I knew from the messenger days
a guy who had a competitive cycling career where he raced road for Team Snow Valley and All American Bicycle

sure enough... a quick google brought up this

GOOGLE-ING myself amuses me

and cycling

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Alex Pline said...

I stumbled on this post doing some historical research for the club. although Snow Valley discontinued sponsorship in 2006, "TSV" still lives on as the original club name Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team (ABRT) and we are still around! http://abrtcycling.com