walking home through the National Zoo

Grant at the National Zoo
Carousel Under Construction
Trek road bike... a tad too small for me and a little more than a tad too big for Grant

The National Zoo in Washington DC has gone through a series of renovations
it is really nice... the habitats for the various animals have been upgraded
sure it was great to see the zoo as it was in 1920... but now... now it seems like a more attractive living space for the animals
as well as a more comfortable viewing perspective

in addition to the renovations of the various animal's habitats they are also adding a carousel 
it looks like it is going to be nice
Grant is still young enough to be excited by the carousel
he is looking forward to riding it... which has me excited about riding it

the walk home through the zoo is not an everyday or even every week sort of thing
although I did make it happen once last week and once this week
somehow... it makes as much sense as anything else

why not ride over and walk home rather than drive over and drive home
after all... what is the rush to get home?

after work I went for a ride
although I had the time to pedal home and get the car
instead I rode straight to my son's school
sure this removes the dog from the pick up experience
but it is not imperative that the dog be at my side at every pick up or drop off

since the Zoo Route on foot home is still "fresh" it is still exciting
it is a bit of an adventure
and well...
it is an adventure with a little added excitement

although DC is considered to be flat
it really is not all that flat

Grant's school is on the other side of that small valley that is Rock Creek and Rock Creek Park
The National Zoo is on the same side of of the valley as the school
being that it is downhill to the school... it makes mores sense to ride the bike than to walk
only having one bike... we ride double


coasting downhill on the sidewalk with my son either on the saddle or riding side saddle on the top tube is just more efficient that walking
it is also fun
it takes team work and cooperation

I think Grant enjoys riding double as much as I do
or should I say...
I think I enjoy riding double as much as Grant does

the National Zoo has a "no bicycle riding" rule
but... there is no rule about walking the bike through the zoo

so... we start at the entrance on Conneticutt Avenue and we meander our way through the zoo to the exit on the backside at Rock Creek Park
which puts us in Mount Pleasant just a few blocks from home

last week we took a short route that gave us a glance at a short list of animals I can not name
this week we took The Asia Trail
not sure if it is the time of day or the season
but the animal activity on the fall afternoons is slight
I guess the animals are all morning creatures

we made our loop through
stopping to pay 75 cents to squish a penny
something I did for free with a passing train when I was a kid
then we stopped in the gift store

lucky for us... Lisa had promised Grant a mug with his name on it for Christmas
they were rotating the stock
those mugs had been put away
but luckily... not so buried that we were not able to buy that "said mug"

the double ride and zoo walk is a little longer than the usual trip home
but that is fine
Grant does not have that much homework 
which means there is no real rush to get home

it is a good way to mix it up
although Grant often objects to my after school adventures
I feel that I know what is best for him
taking him to the dog park so he can climb a tree
going for various hikes in the woods of Rock Creek Park
or walking home through the Zoo
all of these are far better options than rushing home and turning on the television

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