Went to Fountainhead with the boys and a friend

No photos to tell the tale...
that shot is from many years ago... well, a couple of years ago at the Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race

anyone know...
How long is it from the parking lot the intermediate loop and back?
my kids want to know

I was going to just do the Green loop with them twice
but my younger son was in the lead at the crossroads
he chose to head down the intermediate trail

there was some debate in my head about going a bit forward and then turning around
then I realized that the trail is directional
and of course
at one point I questioned if we had crossed the halfway point

so the boys and their friend rocked the Intermediate Blue loop at Fountainhead
11 year old Dean rode a log skinny
which had me trying some of the same
then we each rode the boardwalks a few times


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