Winged Migration Moment

if you look closely you can see a Great Blue Heron over the water
when we arrived I got to see that bird coast in a few feet above the water
it was spectacular
I am sorry... it was
it was art in motion

the bird coasting in flight just feet above the water
with its reflection on the fall colored water just below
it was beautiful

this bird circled us and our hike
we went down to the potomac and got to see what must have been this same bird fly across in front of the setting sun

nice little afternoon hike down to the Potomac just past the one lane bridge on Mac Arthur Boulevard 
short hike that was chock full of adventure

including capturing some diminutive fish that were in a puddle 
those fish are now in our little aquarium

sorry Jason Berry... yes I share your catch and release ideals
but there is a time when science and a child's imagination come into play

lets see how the fish assimilate with the tropical fish
next... we catch the bird

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