almost done... Christmas shopping almost done

almost done... just a few more glances to see who has been naughty and who has been nice

a quick scan of the Gwadzilla Page for Christmas brings up a shot of Max doing a commercial for Conte's Bikes... which is now Fresh Bikes

there is some choice stuff under that search
take a glance at that link
read some of the words

and then finish your Holiday Shopping
we celebrate Christmas... which is a holiday about family more than religion
as very few of the people in my family are religious.... it all works out
basically there is a large contingent of atheist and agnostics.... and then my mom who is almost religious enough to balance the scales

all that said... the Santa in this photo is a heavily tattooed Jewish man
not only was Jesus Jewish... but some Santas are Jewish as well

images from the 2012 Santarchy are going to hit the page soon
I did not take the full tour
but I did head down to the Santa Launch Site on "The Mall" by The Museum of Natural History and the Carousel and the old Smithsonian Castle 

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