Death of the American Hobo... at Vice Dot Com

it is interesting...
children and their sub culture
that whole playground word of mouth thing
the myths and information shared on the playground
things overheard in the hallways of school

stuff pumped out of Rod Stewarts stomach...
Bubble Yum containing spider eggs....
the beloved Mikie dying from the lethal combination of coca cola and pop rocks...
this misinformation and so much more was learned in an era before the internet
and well
even with the existence of the internet
this form of communication survives

the term HOBO has crept into the psyche of the kids of today
there are homeless people 
and their are hobos
it is interesting... there were hobos when I was a kid
kids dressed up as hobos for halloween
now kids just talk about them

the mystical characters
the hobos

I am not sure what they say or what they have heard
I am old
I do not speak their language
they speak to me... but not as candidly as they speak to their peers
they only let me know what they want me to know
and then sometimes more slips out

enough on this
I just thought it was interesting to hear my sister mention electonicly over Facebook that her son had told her than he gave a hobo a dollar

Death of the American Hobo

hitch hiking
hoping the rail
it is all a bygone era

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