Electronic Football...

when I was a kid there were a good number of toys that were invented in the 1950's and had no evolution other than packaging when they reached my childhood in the 1970's

slot cars... electric trains... Lincoln Logs... the list goes on
there was this one game, electronic football
it seemed that my brother and I got a game of electronic football every year
now I am not talking about Matel Electronic Football with its little red dots
no.... I could school you in that
I could stall the full first quarter... scoring my touchdown when time ran out
only to do the same in the second half... winning 14-0 every time

this electronic football was a table top game that would vibrate
like air hockey depended on blowing air
the vibration of this table caused the men to move
it was pretty stupid

in short... it sucked

I wonder if these guys came from a bicycle version 
stole this image from Canadian cohort Martin at Bike Lane Diary

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