I like to stage buildings in the background of my shot

I am not camped on a folding chair waiting for the shot

I am on the bike... camera slung around my neck
I am riding... I pass the cyclist and I think... can I get the shot
often I stop soon
but better to stop soon before they turn off

in this case I stopped super soon so I could get the Capitol dome in the background
it was so close that I rolled past the clear view
had to accept the tree obstructing things
only seconds to pull off the case... start up the camera... remove the lens as the lens extends
quickly frame things
then take the shot

and then keep rolling

tried to snap a few more shots in a semi stealth fashion
but this does not always go well

the stagnant shot is different than the moving shot
the moving shot works well in a car free area where I can make conversation and avoid the crash
but splitting lanes and getting the way out of cars
well... makes it harder to stir up conversation and even get the shot

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