inconsistent... cars and car drivers should suffer the same fate

that whole "what if"
that whole "worst case scenario"
so often it is a few who ruin it for the whole
but really
it is fair? does it make sense?

has anyone taken a measure of the lost benefits versus the potential risks?
it reminds me of that notion of forbidding kids to climb trees
but do not get me started

I do not know where College Hill Park is
but apparently they have banned bikes in the park because of some aggressive cyclists
well... how about banning cars on the road due to aggressive drivers?
that makes sense to me
we need to avoid that dangerous "what if"
we need to prevent that "worst case scenario"

and really... the car on person "what if" and "worse case scenario"
it is all far beyond anything that could happen with a bike on person incident\collision

but no...
the laws of society are inconsistent
I have dealt with this on other issues
the bike takes a back seat to the car
for some reason society is scared to take away people's "right" to drive
even if people show that they do not deserve that "right"

City Bans Bikes in College Hill Park

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