listening some Rollins spoken word...

Black Flag...
the album DAMAGED was worn thin on my turn table
as well was the single by SOA
SOA being the early Dischord single from when Henry Rollins was Henry Garfield
saw Rollins at DC Space in his early days doing his spoken word thing
saw Black Flag a few times... Pearce Hall and the old 9:30 Club

more than likely I have some memories from these various shows
vague memories
but memories just the same

no time for these memories now
maybe I already said what I had to say?

enjoyed the various YOUTUBE videos with Henry Rollins videos and Henry Rollins interviews

an interesting person who has lead an interesting life

a hero to me in my youth
still someone who I admire and respect
as this is a person who managed to live life on his terms
sure... there was a certain matter of luck
but I am guessing it was not always easy
yet it seemed to have worked out for him

SOFT FOCUS with Ian and Henry... different Ian
there is mention of this Pearce Hall Show 

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