okay... I see your point... BUT YOU NEED TO SEE MINE!

so, I am crossing the street

yes... I am jay walking
the sign reads DON'T WALK
yet I walk anyway
the road is clear all the way down the block
well... nearly clear 
way down the block is a SCREAMING down the road at a rate above 25 Miles Per Hour

hectically speeding
 as this car approaches they lay on the horn
instinctively I give them the bird as I hustle out of their way

so... riddle me this
three lanes of open space with a steering wheel to guide things
two pedals... one to accelerate and another to break
and what does the driver select?

they may have even accelerated a little
glad they did not steer into me

this car behavior elicited what I believe to be the appropriate sign language response

I am just trying to fit into the chaos 

riddle me this...
yes... my actions are outside the law
yet so are the actions of this driver
what makes them believe that they have a greater right to...

oh yeah.
I remember... because they are in a car
because they are in a car
yes... because they are in a car

because their car is bigger and stronger than my body
because if we are to collide... the car will win and I will lose
that is why

this not only reveals that they are an asshole
but that they are a bully
an asshole bully

they need to look in the mirror... or better yet
take a look at the Driver's Manual and then their Speedometer

here is an electronic conversation on the topic about whether or not the pedestrian has the right of way even when jay walking

in short...
yes... in laws of physics the car trumps the pedestrian in this situation
but legally.... they are out of line
and under the greater rationalization of Common Sense and Common Courtesy.
they are way out of line

they are speeding and putting others at risk
just because someone is jay walking it does not mean that you can just run them down
this is not Pamplona
we are not running with the bulls

as far as jay walking goes...
crossing mid-block or crossing when it says Don't Walk
when I am shown that it is safe when I have the right of way in the crosswalk... then I will only cross in the crosswalk when it says walk
but as long as I have to cross in the crosswalk with the same level of focus and speed as outside the crosswalk
well... I will cross when I feel most safe

crossing because it says WALK is only part of the equation
it is important for the pedestrian to cross safely

in the scheme of things
the car drivers are so often bullies
what happens when they get out of their cars?

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