rainy mornning...

clear and cool when I woke with the morning light
I got dressed for my day and the dog started to stir
a glance out the kitchen window at the back patio showed that a few rain drops had fallen
but nothing to make me think it had rained or was going to rain

dressed in the clothing I would ride the bike to work I stepped out front with the dog
the top layer was a fleece
not even down the steps and onto the sidewalk in front of my house and the sky started to spit
it was not even a mist

had to stay the course
back tracking would alter my pace and make me late for work

across the street I hustled to get the dog moving
wanted to knock out the short morning loop without my having to call the dog back from chasing deer so I kept the do on leash for the first 20 yards so that our footsteps crushing the leaves would alert any deer in the area of our presence

off leash I walked forward and Didg hung back
as Didg sniffed around I kept pushing forward
not wanting to back track I gave out a call and a whistle
to my pleasure I heard the sound of Didg's dog tags as he started running my way

Didg checked in and we marched forward
the mist became rain
I took a moment's shelter under a fallen tree
rain fell steady for a few minutes... then to my pleasure... the rain lightened up

I called Didg and picked up the pace
wanted to let the dog stretch his legs
needed to get to work
did not want to get too wet

at the tail end of our short 20 minute morning walk as we came close to exiting the woods I saw a young buck
I saw him... he saw me
Didg heard it... but did not see it
I leashed the dog and finished the last couple of hundred yards with the dog on a tether
no need to add another 5 or ten minutes waiting for the dog to come back after he raced after a deer

at home I grabbed a gortex outer layer 
then exited out the back with a bike at my side

pedaled my short straight 15-20 minute ride into work
got a little wet
but not too wet
all that was no worry as I had dry clothes in my bag for the time spent after punching the clock

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