Rosaryville today... quick mid day single lap

 I have all sorts of started and never finished DRAFTS
similarly... I start articles and never finish them
I think I will throw this and some others on the page "as is"
who knows what people read or see anyway?

none of these photos are from today
the first photo is not mine
the rest are moderately recent
but if you read this blog... you may know me or at least know that I have a dog
yes... I have a just under a year mix breed dog
half Australian Cattle Dog and half Australian Shepard 
came named... Diggereedoo
he goes by Didg

I have taken Didg mountain biking
he does quite well... he enjoys it... it is a stellar good time for the both of us
it is beautiful to see the dog interact with the terrain
the dog is a nice companion to travel with... even on the bike


yes... I have gone mountain biking with Didg a few times
but I have some hesitancy
I want to... but... but...
but...  I am uncomfortable with the notion of the law and leashless dogs 

I am sorry
I have a predictable snap response
our laws are not black and white
there are acceptable parameters for bending without breaking the law

in some ways our laws achieve the mean by seeking the extreme
knowing that people will expand the parameters of the box
the law is set beyond what is expected of them
it is accepted that people will exist outside the stated limits of the law

sorry... and I am sorry...
it is predictable
it is obvious
but it is also true

when we travel it is accepted that we will expand the parameters of the law
when people walk in Washington DC in more creative ways than simply the sidewalk or the crosswalk
people bisect gas stations
people cross the street mid block
people WALK when the sign clearly states in icon form DON'T WALK

are they criminals?
or is understood that it is okay to walk this way
well... if officer friendly is present... people will walk differently
and I am not just talking about the swivel of their hips

then of course the car...
my obvious public enemy number one
my number one example to tell people to back off if I am doing something that is within the limits of the law... like walking my dog off leash... or letting my kid climb a tree in front of the school

it is not that rules were made to be broken
it is more than that

sorry... stepped away and lost my momentum

if people were to police themselves we would need less police
beyond that... if people acted and behaved using common sense and common courtesy... we... well we would not need laws

I do not need the Ten Commandments to tell me it is wrong to kill or it is wrong to steal

the crazy thing... the anarchy on the street bubbles over into our everyday movments
how can we be so selfish behind the wheel and then turn off the engine, get out of the car, shut the door... and SHAZAM! Not Selfish Anymore!

okay... got totally off track
gonna try to bring it back

so... to be quite honest I am not sure of the exact law
but it is my understanding that there is pretty much no place on the planet other than private land where you can have your dog off leash
okay... a few diminutive swaths of fenced in land... dog parks and such... but really...  it is leashes all around
that is my understanding
that is the rule... Dogs Must Be on Leash

yes... I get it
I fully understand it

there is that long list of "what ifs"
I am not going to go into it

I will just throw it back out there... in the situation with the car... "what if"

no blood... no foul

I am anxious about running into some equestrians
or having my dog a enough yards behind that he encounters someone on horseback while I am not there

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