we are all victims of this gun violence...

President Obama speaks about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton CT
then visits to mourn with a community that is in great pain

it is sad... it is beyond sad
it is tragic... it is beyond tragic

I can not imagine the pain and grief that this community is going through
to fully empathize would be impossible
I fear that this community is living a nightmare
a bad dream that they wish they could wake up from

I am the father of two young boys
it pains me to think of the parents of these children
to think that something like this could happen to an undeserving family
no one deserves this
this is not supposed to happen

lives cut short... so many unfulfilled destinies
there will be little joy in Newton this Christmas

what can we do to prevent future events like this from happening?

so many victims... those that died and those that survived
even the shooter is a victim of his own madness... as much as I may feel distain and hate for him... I can not help but be compassionate... wishing that he was not in so much pain to do something so heinous 

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