15 Minutes of Good

yesterday there was no desire to ride the bike
when I got off work and had a little time I just rode my bicycle home in the frigged cold
did some stuff around the house... put my feet up and tried to nap after my early morning in time and the week's extra hours of work due to the Presidential Inauguration

after a few minutes of recovery time I took the dog for a short loop in the woods across the street from my house
out of the woods with still a little time before getting young Grant from school I realized I had promised to do something for a friend... but had yet to do it

my friend Diane is working as a certified volunteer to removed invasive plants from Rock Creek Park
the other day when I saw her working on a patch of land across the street from my house we caught up
during that extended hello I told her I could help her out by hauling away the unwanted clippings


days past...
I saw the spot and the piles of thorny branches
each day I thought I would make good
then forgot

on this day I realized I had time to make this short task happen
I opened up the back of the Honda Element and loaded things up
got a few thorny splinters in the process

then had a hard time stuffing this stuff into the DC Supercans behind my house
if the trash man picks this stuff... all will be good

in the end... I felt good about my effort
it did not take that long... maybe 15 minutes
then I thought
what if everyone focused on just giving an extra 15 minutes of goodness each day?

that would be easy...
15 minutes? who does not have 15 minutes to give?
who could not work to be a little bit better of a person?
think about it?
give it a shot
15 Minutes?

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