The time has come to close the Skills Park for the winter. 
As you have noticed, the freeze/thaw cycle has begun. 
Riding after the thaw does a lot of damage to the dirt features. 
Ruts form messing up flow & drainage, berms start to slide & collapse leaving a mess 
that is no fun to ride and requires a lot of work to fix.

Howard County will be placing signs and fencing up this week. 

Before you try to head over for one more session, please call the Rockburn closure line 
at 410-313- 4455. 
We plan on reopening the Skills Park sometime in March when the weather is cooperating. 
We'll put the word out for volunteers when it's time for 
some "Spring" cleaning to get the Park ready for the 2013 season.

We're still working on ways to make improvements and add features to make the Rockburn Skills Park 

better all the time. 
We appreciate all of your support and thank you for respecting the closure this Winter.
Melanie Nystrom and the RBSP team