Bridgestone Xtracycle on Capitol Hill

a nice little conversion to this old MB3

so... I am pedaling along 
going down the road on my Surly Single Speed with a gear easier than I would use to ride a single speed off road
so... I am over spinning and still going moderately slow

as I approach this guy from behind he slows and stops at an intersection that has no stop sign
he waves on cross traffic that has a stop sign


he had his answer... it made no sense to me
it also was dangerous for me
he was telling the cross traffic that it was free and clear
had I been on another bike moving faster
he would have directed that car into my "point of intersection"

I tried sharing with him my notion that "submissive cycling enables aggressive driving"
but... it fell on deaf ears
really though... riding around making cars think they have more right to the road than cyclists
well... that is not going to help things

take the lane
hold the lane
work for your right to your space
demand the respect to your turn

enough on that

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