different times...

yes... I was a paperboy

my boys want to buy a WiiU
or whatever the new Nintendo Game System is called

only one problem... they do not have any money

they do not get an allowance
we usually just buy them what they want
much like most kids today
they have so much... they have too much
they more than likely have most anything\everything that they want

but since they are getting older
I am trying to institute a "credit" system
a way for them to earn money by doing things that they should already do
like walking the dog... putting away folded laundry... unloading the dishwasher... cleaning their rooms and so on and so forth

the credit system is pretty simple


they get a credit for walking the dog...
they get a half credit for putting away their folded laundry
but there are big bonuses for other things
I try to have them go to Tae Kwon Do a minimum of two times a week, but... if they go three times... they get 5 Credits

trying to reward them to do things that they should already be doing

my contention is that it is a kids job to be a kid
so the credit system continues
reward them for what they should already be doing

they will get credits for exercise
if they throw the lacrosse ball for 30 minutes... credits will be earned
the same would go for passing the soccer ball 
then there are big scores... big incentives

Grant could earn 25 points if he learns to ride a unicycle

any thoughts?
any suggestions?

rewards for good grades?

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