Food For Thought... I am not vegetarian, but that vegetarian restaurant/bar is part of my past

a few more bands and a few more beers
but... I the bands I saw... I saw at a time when I was too young to drink
so the there were no beers involved when I went to go see the bands

saw Rites of Spring and a number of other bands of that era at Food for Thought

Rites of Spring: For Want Of

I can remember skating the Whiteflint ditch singing this stuff
it was tough... I am not sure if I was able to understand the involvement and emotion
the bringing of flowers... the throwing of flowers
and then the emotion

I was at DC Space one time when the characters of Rites of Spring played a film that they had made
although I am not positive... I think they mistakenly played it backwards
and well...
I am not sure if that made any difference
the critics were not out... it was another day with the Emperor's new coat

I do not know the full story... maybe the film played correctly
either way
not that there should be a barrier preventing the artistic effort
but it was as if the filter had been removed
yes... their music both sound and performance was amazing
but... oh... never-mind on that

I am not sure if I rode my bike up to YESTERDAY AND TODAY records in Rockville to get the Minor Threat release of Out of Step
but I am almost certain I got it on the day of its release
maybe my brother drove me up in the VW diesel?
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