Frank Purdue used to say... "parts is parts..."

the bicyclist riding with a riderless bicycle at their side...
the cyclist riding with a spare wheel...
the bike rider with a backpack full of parts...
it is not always suspect

but... then again
sometimes it is

when is it suspect?
I can not tell... I do not kno
but similar to the thought of "suspicious equipment"
like the poorly painted bike
it is tough to play CSI from across the street
it is difficult to play Columbo with just a passing glance

these guys...
all I know is one has a backpack with a handlebar and stem... cables still attached
while the other is carrying a wheel
two things I am certain I have done myself within the last month
I have even ridden home from work with a bicycle at my side within the last few weeks
were my actions suspect? no... but people may have been suspicious

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