Hoisin Skillet Salmon... I really liked the black beans and hoisin sauce

so easy and so tasty

I am not the biggest fan of Salmon
it is okay... but it is not my favorite fish
but my wife and kids really enjoy it
so I cook it fairly regularly
normally I just grill it with a quick marinade
well... usually two different flavor marinades and then one plain
my wife Lisa prefers it plain

yesterday I thought I would try something different
20 Minute Skillet Salmon (Salmon with Black Beans and Hoisin Sauce)

and the BBQ Grill trick I use...
I cook the Salmon on the grill using a simple brown bag
I cut or tear a piece of a normal brown bag the size of my salmon steak or fillet 
then I moisten the piece of paper under the faucet-both sides, no need to soak it
then I put the Salmon on the wet piece of paper then throw it on the grill
the skin sticks to the bag and the fish cooks nicely like this

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