Holy Childhood Christmas Seals

I went to Catholic School

Catholic School SUCKED for so many reasons...
as a child I attended Our Lady of Lourdes in Bethesda Maryland from 2nd until 8th grade
it was a less than perfect place
QUIRKY would be an understatement

within the quirks there was some very questionable stuff

FORCING us to sell Holy Childhood Christmas Seals and World's Famous Chocolate Bars was a for of child labor... FORCED LABOR... had all sorts of pressure and guilt thrown into it

I guess grade school has some sort of negative backlash where ever you went
but going to OLOL had its own madness
the 70's at Lourdes was closer to the 50's
which worked out fine since Happy Days was a very popular television show at the time

Holy Childhood Christmas Seal image snagged from here

Catholic School Girls Rule

OLOL-Our Lady of Lourdes Group on FACEBOOK

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