lives have been changed... destinies have been altered... money and glory fell into the wrong hands

Lance Armstrong on Oprah tonight... Dope-rah
gotta love it
these two working together to salvage the other's carreer
each of them already have it all... both of them wanting more

what can Lance Armstrong do to right the wrongs?

he is a rich man with wealth beyond anything I can imagine
he has more houses in more places than I will visit in a year

but how did he amass this wealth?
though a dishonest means?
in a way... he stole it
should he give it back?
who would he give it to?


famous bank robbers?
famous criminals?

what were the penalties to Al Capone? Bernie Madoff? Martha Stewart? 

who are famous criminals? what were their crimes? what was the penalty for their actions?

think of all the lives that have been altered...
people lost when Lance won...
people devoted their lives to the same goal... he won it... but he stole it
does he deserve to keep all that he has?

he had nothing... maybe he needs to do some jail time
maybe he needs to give up all but one house
maybe he needs to show the world his finances
maybe he already thought of this

I do not know
Lance Armstrong is an ASSHOLE!
if we were just to examine the Armstrong-Lemond relationship
the way that Trek Bicycles took Armstrong's side and destroyed the Lemond brand and the Lemond name
that alone deserves some sort of restitution
sorry... I do not know Lance... it is not fair for me to call him an asshole... he is intense, I respect that... he is a leader... and well... he lead through example... he lead others to cheat

maybe we could take Lance's houses and as much money as we can take and give that back to the sport of cycling

youth cycling programs all over the world could benefit from his dishonest gain

I do not know the answer
but I will say this
Lance Armstrong deserves more than a slap on the wrist and a little public humiliation

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Raymo853 said...

This makes me like my old Lemond Poprad even more.