so much crap... just carrying all this baggage

too many bikes
too much bike stuff

I have more than a couple bikes
then the other members of the family each have more than one bicycle
and yes... there are few unicycles as well
something comes in... something needs to go out

right now I am trying to be sensible
I am trying to donate or throw away anything and everything that is valued less than 20 bucks and is not used semi-regularly

which means...
just because it is not snowing... I do not toss the sleds
yes... they are less than 20 bucks each
but they will come in handy when and if it ever snows in this soon to be desert village of Washington DC

I spent some time in the garage over the past few days

consolidated a few BINS of JUNK
turned one bin into TRASH
another bin into DONATION
and then two bins of I AM NOT SURE IF I AM READY TO LET THIS GO

this effort did not create that much more space
I need to "thin the herd"
something needs to go

not looking at this now... but I should

that was my methodology

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