Surly Bikes

this must be a good moment in the history of Surly Bikes
their utilitarian ideals are meeting the ideals of the modern cyclist

Surly Bikes... I have two of them
it was Surly that brought me into the world of the 29er with the Karate Monkey

Surly Bikes mentioned on the Gwadzilla Page

those archives are amusing... the 29er had yet to enter the market as a mainstream item
it was all very fringe
not everyone was making 29er stuff
and 29er stuff was expensive
now it is all part of the basic package

my brother started racing cyclocross on his Surly Cross Check
funny that he would take the line in a race on his commuter rig

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inthewoods said...

I agree Surly started the niche bikes and Salsa has followed. I have a Salsa Mukluk and love it.I almost got a pugsley but liked the aluminum.