the sunset last night was sublime...

yesterday afternoon when I got home from work I got to rest and relax then I had to grab my older son Dean from his friend's house across town

wanted to nap... but was not able to make that happen
in fact... I hardly got to put my feet up
as I realized I needed to pick Dean up and wanted to hike the dog
I wanted to hike the dog before it got dark

well... if I am going to get in the car... I like to multi-task
one of the things I like to do... if I am on another part of town I like to take advantage of being on that part of town
either by hitting a store
or in this case... hitting the trail

against his will I took Grant with me when I went to get Dean from his friend William's house
of course Didg rode shotgun
we made the short drive across town with the intention to go for a hike with the dog when we picked up Dean
William was invited to join us if he schedule allowed
sure enough... William was available

we parked in front of William's house and walked to the Glover Archebald Trail over by American University
we took the leg towards Georgetown rather than the let towards the McDonald's near 4000 Wisconsin

the kids hiked and talked
11 year old Dean chatted with 11 year old William
making 8 year old Grant and 45 year old Dad feeling a little left out

it was a good hike
I just need to start to realize I am just the chauffeur
the personal trainer or the drill sergeant
not a buddy or a pal

on this hike the sky was ON FIRE
the buildings were ablaze with an orange glow


and then this
The Cathedral's March on Washington for Gun Control

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